Interview: The daily life of 3 AXA Partners' collaborators working on medical repatriation cases

Every year, AXA Partners handles more than 20 000 claims of medical repatriation across the globe. Behind every travel claim are women and men in AXA Partners who ensure sick or injured customers can return home safely from their trip abroad.

Everyone’s role is vital. Our missions and actions are all interconnected and can have an impact on the repatriation.

Astrid Rodriguez, Medical Operation Supervisor, AXA Partners USA

In this crossed-interview, Astrid Rodriguez, Claudia Spaccatini and Melisa K Parabakaran, who all have different roles on repatriation, share their daily life and explain what makes a medical repatriation successful. Exceeding customer needs is definitely part of our DNA, and these testimonials highlight AXA Partners' willingness to ensure the best travel medical assistance across the world for each and every customer.

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